Sunday, September 7, 2008


    This session provides an overview of the ACT exam, how the exam is scored, when the exam is administered, how Tennessee students scored on the ACT last year, and IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING HOW TO EARN COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP DOLLARS!!!

  • Description of the ACT Exam
  • ACT Exam Breakdown
  • ACT Exam Scoring "Nuggets"
  • How ACT Exam Scores are Computed
  • ACT Exam Dates
  • National ACT Exam Results
  • Tennessee ACT Exam Results
  • Tennessee HOPE Scholarship
  • Am I Ready for College
  • How to Order a Copy of Your Test and Answers
  • Understanding Your Test Scores

    This session educates the student as to what the ACT exam will the student performs a self-assessment to determine how much he/she knows about what the ACT exam will ask....lastly, modules are provided to assist the student to improve in his/her areas of knowledge needing improvement. The COACHING GUIDE will direct you to the modules you need. "KNOW YOUR ENEMY...KNOW YOURSELF..."!!!


        This session provides extensive interactive tutoring, testing, teaching, and monitors your progress in growing your ACT exam skills. "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT"!!!

        GAME TIME

        This session provides tips and strategies for the student to utilize during the actual taking of the ACT exam to improve his/her performance. "CARPE DIEM" ("seize the day")!!!